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Your data and our GDPR policy

Our policies and procedures relating to the data we hold and how we use the data we hold.

What data do we hold and how long do we keep it?

If you booked a course with us then we will hold your data and your companies, organisation or schools data. We are required to do this for a number of reasons:

So we can send you the materials for the workshops, arrange for our instructors to attend, so we can contact after the workshops for feedback.

If you have attended or booked an adult First Aid course we keep information on all courses we run and for a minimum of 5-years. Our policy will be to keep records for 6-years unless awarding bodies or health and safety legislation require us to keep them longer. We also like to let you know when your company courses are due for renewal. We aim to let you know at least 1-month, but up to 6-months before a course is due for renewal. We will do this by email and or by calling you.

We do not hold data relating to children who attend courses and this is in line with our safeguarding policy.

You are an individual and have attended a course.

If you attended a course with us, then you will have either attended an in house course, or a public course. Our policy will be to keep records for 6-years unless awarding bodies or health and safety legislation require us to keep them longer. The information we keep is as follows:

In house course - we will have your name, the information on the course you attended along with whether you passed.

For OFQUAL awarding body courses we will have your date of birth as well. If you are receiving this email we will also have your email address and phone number if you gave them to us in order that we may inform you of other courses and services. Public Course - we will have all the above, plus your address.

You have ordered AED or First Aid Supplies.

We have a policy to keep your data for the lifetime of the equipment we sent you. For AEDs it is our policy to keep your information, in case of any recalls or updates for your equipment. We will aim to let you know when AED Pad and Batteries are due for renewal. However it is your responsibility to maintain products and ensure items are replaced when they reach their expiry date. We accept no responsibility or liability regarding the expiration date of any products supplied by us.

We have purchased Business to Business Data in the past.

Over the years we may have purchased some business to business data, to help us promote the services we offer. It is unlikely but there is a chance you receive our emails as a result of this.

What do we do with the data?

There are a number of things we do with the data we hold:

We use it to let you know when a qualification is due for renewal Keep it for statutory requirements linked to your qualification or product purchased. Let you know if there are any changes to legislation or best practice. We may let you know about any special offers.

It will be used for the purpose of carriage, shipping and distributing certificates and or products to you. Let you know about public courses coming up. Let you know about any shows we are attending.

Future newsletters

In the event that we use newsletters they will be as follows:

Monthly - remember your training videos - helpful reminders for elements of your training from a range of topics. There will be a different focus each month Monthly - Offer of the Month Weekly - What in the news Weekly - Upcoming Public Courses

Sale of data and sharing of data.

We do NOT and will NOT sell personal data. We will only share data where necessary with awarding and statutory bodies for the purposes of certification, quality assurance and investigation.

We keep all information secured. Only authorised and trained people will have access to the securely kept data.

Freelance work and acting as your representative.

If we are delivering training on your behalf, as your representative or as your agent we will not retain information of the attendees / your clients unless otherwise agreed. All original paperwork will be returned to you, unless otherwise agreed. We will not retain copies of original paperwork, information and or data unless otherwise agreed.

We will only retain the following information: Title of course, date of course, venue, point of contact, contact information. As with all data this will be kept securely and not sold or shared without prior agreement.

Any queries regarding our policies should be raised by email to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Our point of contact is Simon Ferris, [email protected]

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